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NESCPA Legislative Update: Jan. 11, 2024

January 11, 2024

It’s Day 7 at the Nebraska Legislature. We are over the halfway point for state senators to introduce bills. Committee hearings will be Jan. 22-Feb. 29.

Our lobbyists at Radcliffe, Gilbertson & Brady are tracking bills identified as relevant to the profession through “NESCPA Legislative Reports,” which are posted on the Society’s website at Direct links to those bills and a few others are below. Please review and contact us with any concerns!  

  • LB43 (Sanders):  Require hearing officers and judges to interpret statutes and regulations to limit agency power and maximize individual liberty - Cavanaugh, J. AM2081 to AM2076 filed
  • LB851 (Jacobson):  Would change provisions relating to internship grants to expand the size of employer who may apply for the grant program from 50 to 150 employees and remove the allowance that internship grants may be given employers for students who telecommute
  • LB854 (Jacobson):  Change examination eligibility, certification, and permitting requirements relating to certified public accountants (NESCPA Affirmative Legislation)
  • LB961 (Dungan):  Prohibit noncompete agreements for lower-wage employees
  • LB1023 (von Gillern):  Would provide income tax exemptions from certain research and experimental procedures
  • LB1040 (Fredrickson):  Change provisions relating to income tax credits for food donations - Referred to Revenue Committee
  • LB1058 (Wayne):  Exclude certain pension and annuity payments from income taxes - Referred to Revenue Committee
  • LB1059 (Linehan):  Provide updates to the 2023 PTET law; change provisions relating to income taxes imposed on partnerships and small business corporations and notices of deficiency - Referred to Revenue Committee
  • LB1067 (Clements):  Would eliminate the inheritance tax, adopt the State Prisoner Reimbursement Act, and change the authorized uses of certain county funds
  • LB1072 (Dungan):  Would provide a tax credit for sustainable aviation fuel
  • LB1114 (Bostar):  Adopt the Endow Nebraska Act and provide tax credits

Click here to find all of the bills and resolution proposals that have dropped thus far. Please let us know if you see additional bills that are of concern or interest and should be considered for our support or opposition.

Senator Priority Bills:

  • LB16 (Conrad):  Require occupational boards to issue certain credentials based on credentials or work experience in another jurisdiction and make a determination regarding an applicant with a criminal conviction, provide for jurisprudential examinations and appeals from denial of a license, and change requirements for membership of the State Electrical Board (CPAs are excluded from this bill at this time)
  • LB126 (Day):  Change provisions relating to homestead exemptions

Click here to find all of the Priority Bills thus far.