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100% Membership Commitment Program

Support the CPA Profession & Become a 100% Membership Organization Today!

Support Your profession

Why Be 100%?

The Nebraska Society of CPAs recognizes firms and businesses that have 100% of CPAs as NESCPA members. Participation in the program sets your organization apart and demonstrates your dedication to the CPA profession.

Staffing & Pipeline

Your membership supports NESCPA’s efforts to grow the accounting pipeline, which helps you find, retain, and develop future leaders at your organization. NESCPA raises awareness of the profession and promotes accounting as a desirable career path to students. Members of 100% organizations may attend the NESCPA Fall Annual Luncheon free of charge, where you will have the opportunity to interact with Society college scholarship winners and new certificate holders, and network with your peers.


NESCPA 100% organizations will be recognized with a direct link to your website and logo on the NESCPA site, in the Nebraska CPA journal, and at the Society’s Fall Annual Luncheon. In addition, you will be provided a special logo identifying your organization as having 100% NESCPA membership for use on your website to help recruit staff and clients.


Your membership amplifies the voice of the profession in the Nebraska Legislature, as we advocate to protect the integrity of the CPA license and support positive legislative and regulatory outcomes for our members. In addition, we are your liaison to the Nebraska Department of Revenue and the Nebraska Board of Public Accountancy, helping to resolve your issues and concerns. Members of 100% organizations may attend the NESCPA Annual State Senators’ Reception & Dinner free of charge, where you will have the opportunity to visit one-on-one with your elected representatives.


Expedite the annual membership renewal process and save time with group billing. You, or your group administrator, will receive one annual invoice for your entire staff instead of multiple individual invoices.


Q:  What groups are eligible?

A:  All firms or businesses that employ 20 or more full-time CPAs in Nebraska are eligible to participate in this initiative. This includes CPA firms, private and public companies, non-profit and governmental entities, and colleges and universities. However, all firms or businesses with offices in Nebraska having 100% NESCPA membership, no matter the size, are recognized below.

Q:  Is there a fee?

A:  No, there is not a fee to be a part of the program other than individual annual memberships.

Q:  What is the criteria to be eligible for the program?

A:  All full-time CPA employees and partners based in your organization’s Nebraska offices must be NESCPA members. This will be confirmed annually in conjunction with the membership renewal period, April 1–July 31.

Q:  How do we enroll?

A:  Contact Joni Sundquist for details on achieving 100% membership or Lori Vodicka to request a report of current NESCPA members at your organization.

100% Membership Firms

Join the following firms that are investing in the future of the accounting profession by participating in the 100% Membership Commitment Program.


100% Firms With More Than 100 CPAs

Omaha, Lincoln, and Grand Island


100% Firms With 20 to 50 CPAs

Dana F. Cole & Company LLP
Ainsworth, Beatrice, Broken Bow, Grand Island, Grant, Kearney, Lincoln, Minden, North Platte, O'Neill, Ogallala, Omaha, Ord, Osmond, Scottsbluff, and Superior


Lincoln, Norfolk, and Omaha


100% Firms With Less Than 20 CPAs

Grand Island

Contryman Associates PC
Grand Island, Hastings, Kearney, and Scottsbluff

Manning & Associates PC
Crete and Geneva