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Become a Key Contact

NESCPA's Key Contact Program is an important supplement to the efforts of NESCPA lobbyists and staff.

The most effective way for legislators to understand issues facing the accounting profession is to receive input from the CPAs they represent. By creating and maintaining a relationship with elected officials, you can be the voice of the CPA profession at the grassroots level with U.S. Senators, Representatives, and State Legislators.

In addition to its legislative program, the Society also works closely with state and federal governmental agencies, including the Nebraska Department of Revenue and the Internal Revenue Service, which have operations that directly affect Nebraska CPAs. The Society also maintains contact with other statewide trade associations on issues of common interest.

Legislative representation and government relations remain a priority for the Society.

Key contact


  • Support the position of the NESPCA on legislation affecting the accounting profession.
  • Build or strengthen a relationship with a legislator(s).
  • When requested by the NESCPA, contact the legislator(s) about issues of importance.
  • Attend the NESCPA's annual State Senators' Reception & Dinner in January.
  • Deliver campaign contributions when requested.
  • Report to the NESCPA when communication occurs with a legislator(s) about issues of importance to the profession.

Key Contact

Legislative Impact

  • Key Contacts reinforce to legislators that the views expressed by NESCPA lobbyists are representative of the views of the legislator's constituents in the district.
  • Key Contacts heighten the legislator's accountability to his/her constituents and provide another avenue to influence public policy decisions.
  • Key Contacts localize and personalize the political impact of state and federal legislation.

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Being a Key Contact is an easy way to give back to the profession and help shape the profession for years to come.