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S Corporations: Key Issues, Compliance, and Tax Strategies - Tax Staff Essentials


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8.00 Credits

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Learn to speak effectively to potential business clients and existing shareholders about how you can make the S Corporation business model work for them., Tax planning strategies for new businesses considering electing S corporation status, and the pros and cons of switching from a C corporation to an S corporation.

New or existing clients and businesses need assistance with the most misunderstood areas of S corporations taxation and how they can use them to their advantage. Be prepared to explain the benefits and drawbacks of electing S corporation status and why business taxpayers may favor the pass-through entity over the C corporation. This course will give you the knowledge you need to speak effectively to potential business clients and existing shareholders about the S corporation business model that may work for them.

  • Course Instructor: Deborah Phillips
  • Highlights

  • S corporation qualifications
  • Election of S corporation status
  • Termination or revocation of S corporation status
  • Pass-through of income and loss items to the shareholder
  • Distributions to S corporation shareholders
  • Reporting and filing requirements
  • Choice of year-end
  • Shareholder basis



    Designed For

  • Public accounting firm staff and senior associates
  • CPAs
  • S corporation tax filers


    • Determine when an S corporation may be advantageous for a business.
    • Identify the potential disadvantages of operating as an S corporation.
    • Identify the requirements that must be met to qualify as an S corporation.
    • Recognize individuals and entities that are eligible to own S corporation stock.
    • Determine when the S election becomes effective.
    • Identify causes of voluntary and involuntary termination.
    • Determine whether an S corporation is subject to tax.
    • Determine income or loss that passes through to the shareholder.
    • Identify situations in which a fiscal year is allowable.
    • Recognize active and passive income
    • Determine material participation.


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  • Non-Member Price $403.00

    Member Price $332.00