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Google Sheets for Accountants


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2.00 Credits

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This course provides a concise overview of Google Sheets, a cloud-based spreadsheet application by Google. Similar to Excel, the tool allows users to enter numbers, apply formulas, prepare graphs, create charts, use pivot tables and more. While Excel is the default tool and industry standard for most accountants, Sheets has many underrated capabilities which are clearly superior to Excel. These include online collaboration, team communications, mobility, version control, revision history, cloud storage, translation, Google integration, and scores of third-party add-ons. You’ll walk away knowing how to use a whole new array of spreadsheet features not found in Excel that can boost your analytical powers and accelerate your financial workflow. This event may be a rebroadcast of a live event and the instructor will be available to answer your questions during the event.

  • Course Instructor: Garrett Wasny, MA, CMC, CITP/FIBP
  • Highlights

    The major topics that will be covered in this class include:

    • What is Google Sheets?
    • Key Set Up Steps and Apps
    • Key Strengths and Weaknesses
    • Google Sheets vs. Microsoft Excel
    • Google Sheets Versions
    • Quick Start Guide
    • Things You Can do in Google Sheets that You Can't Do in Excel
    • Google Sheets Add-Ons
    • Google Sheets Help Resources



    Designed For

    Practitioners who want to explore Google Sheets as a Microsoft Excel alternative and online spreadsheet platform rich in collaboration, mobile and artificial intelligence features.


    After attending this presentation you will be able to...

    • Identify the key capabilities and user interface of Google Sheets
    • Create, edit and format presentations using Google Sheets
    • Recognize features unique to Google Sheets that are not available in Microsoft Excel
    • Add plug-ins that extend the power of Google Sheets
    • Use Google Slides in tandem with Microsoft Excel




    This course is provided by a third-party vendor. Please note that login instructions will not be available in the ‘My Upcoming CPE’ section of the NESCPA website. Instead, the login instructions will be sent directly to you via email by CPA Crossings. Upon completing the course, your hours will be recorded in the ‘My CPE Tracker’ section of the NESCPA website.

    Non-Member Price $139.00

    Member Price $89.00