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Managing with a CEO Mentality


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1.00 Credits

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In this dynamic session, Sharrin Fuller, Entrepreneur and CEO, will share her insights on managing with a CEO mentality. Sharrin will guide participants in developing the mindset and skills necessary to excel as managers. Through real-life examples and practical strategies, attendees will learn how to adopt a CEO mindset, think strategically, and make informed decisions that align with long-term business goals. Additionally, valuable techniques will be presented for inspiring and motivating teams, fostering a culture of accountability, and driving high performance within their organizations. This event may be a rebroadcast of a live event and the instructor will be available to answer your questions during the event.

  • Course Instructor: Sharrin Fuller
  • Highlights

    The major topics that will be covered in this course include:
    • Developing a CEO Mindset: Sharrin will discuss how to cultivate the mindset necessary for effective leadership, emphasizing the qualities and thought processes that define successful CEOs.
    • Strategic Thinking: The session will cover how to think strategically, which is crucial for making decisions that benefit the long-term objectives of an organization.
    • Decision Making: Sharrin will share insights into making informed decisions that align with a company's goals, ensuring that each choice contributes to the bigger picture.
    • Inspiring and Motivating Teams: Leadership is as much about leading people as it is about managing business operations. Sharrin will provide techniques for inspiring teams, motivating them towards common goals, and fostering a positive work environment.
    • Fostering a Culture of Accountability: Understanding how to create a culture where everyone takes responsibility for their actions and contributions is vital. This part of the session will focus on building accountability within teams.
    • Driving High Performance: Lastly, Sharrin will share strategies to drive high performance in organizations, ensuring that both leaders and their teams are operating at their best.


    Experience in a leadership role.

    Designed For

    Aspiring leaders and managers, current managers and supervisors, entrepreneurs and business owners, corporate executives, human resources professionals, team leaders and project managers, career changers seeking leadership roles, MBA students and business graduates, professional coaches and mentors.


    After attending this presentation, you will be able to...
    • Determine the key attributes and mindset of a CEO, and how to apply them to your management role for enhanced leadership effectiveness.
    • Identify techniques for strategic thinking and decision-making, enabling you to make informed choices that align with long-term business goals.
    • Discover practical strategies for inspiring and motivating your team, fostering a culture of accountability, and driving high performance within your organization.




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    Non-Member Price $105.00

    Member Price $55.00