Leadership Academy 2.0 - Class 2

Multiple Events Between Tuesday, November 16 - Thursday, September 22

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Designed and delivered by Jeremy Wortman, Leadership Academy 2.0 builds on year one of the program and expands on the foundation of creating authentic, emotionally intelligent, transformational leaders. Leadership Academy 2.0 will focus on the big picture view of building an organizational infrastructure that creates clarity of performance expectations and a cadence of accountability.


• Getting traction on performance – Setting goals and creating a system of accountability is essential for high performance. Sadly, most organizations are not doing a good job of goal setting (if they are doing it at all); yet, employees are starving for such clarity and direction. This workshop introduces participants to a system that creates alignment and makes strategy planning actionable, all while establishing a cadence of accountability.

• Building trust – Organizations with high levels of trust have increased levels of morale and better performance outcomes. Organizations without trust run a very high level of risk of being dysfunctional in a toxic environment. This session will guide participants through a series of trust exercises where they will create an action plan to build trust within their own area of responsibility.

• Providing performance feedback – Today’s workforce wants, and expects, performance feedback – both good and bad. However, most people are NOT good at providing constructive feedback. This session provides participants with a framework that will support them in providing feedback that helps others develop and perform better.

• Talent pipeline analysis – Leaders must continuously assess the talent within their area of responsibility to build the bench strength for ongoing success. Participants not only will obtain the tools but also will conduct this analysis for their current area of responsibility.

• Leading effectively through change – Change management has always been an important leadership topic and has been highlighted recently due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Participants will learn how they, as well as others, mentally respond to change events and how that impacts performance. With this knowledge, participants will learn how to effectively lead through the transition phase of organizational changes.

Designed For

This program is for graduates of year one of the Leadership Academy.


Leader Bios

Jeremy Wortman

Jeremy Wortman of HRD Initiatives, LLC, is a highly credible consultant to the accounting profession and is credentialed through academic training and practical corporate experience in delivering highly effective programs.

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Non-Member Price $2,500.00

Member Price $2,500.00