K2's Integrating Data for Improved Efficiency & Control

Wednesday, October 27 1:00pm - 4:30pm

(Check-In 12:45pm)

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4.00 Credits

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In today’s business climate, data is king! Organizations of all sizes are collecting and managing more data than ever, and that trend is sure to continue. In this environment, the number of apps, services, platforms, etc. that we use also increases every year. Thus, there is a need to standardize, streamline, and optimize our ability to manage the ever-growing list of systems and their data, and in this session, you will learn how to do precisely that.

Conquering your data can help improve efficiency, effectiveness, and reduce cost and errors within your organization. In this course, you will learn various ways of sharing data easily between different applications, platforms, and services. Further, you will learn about various tools, desktop application functionalities, and programming tools to manage this process. Participate in this session so that you can truly integrate your data and reap the benefits of improved efficiency and control.


Basic understanding of computer operations and terminology.

Designed For

Business professionals seeking to leverage technology by integrating data across multiple applications to improve efficiency and control"


• Define and identify where your organization keeps its data and how to access that data 
• List various tools, services, and programs to manage data and share it with other systems 
• Identify the cost and benefits of various data sharing techniques and approaches 
• Construct and build data sharing and integration processes using widely available tools such as Power Query, Power BI, and more




  • Mac McClelland

Non-Member Price $235.00

Member Price $185.00