Roles and responsibilities in Risk Management

Thursday, June 16 10:00am - 11:00am

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Roles and Responsibilities in Risk Management - identifiesthe skills/traits of an anticipatory leader and the vital role they play in anorganization. These leaders are strategic thinkers, capable of aligning theorganization with a balanced risk and reward approach. They are part futurist,strategist and integrator. Work by Robert Greenleaf (servant leadership) isreferred to in this discussion. The use of the 80/20 Rule (Pareto analysis) tofocus your efforts and maximize results is incorporated into the conversation.The need to understand the different responsibilities for risk management ofthe levels within an organization is discussed in detail. These levels startwith board members and go through staff levels, and even to part-time employeesand partners (suppliers, customers, etc.). Everyone has a role if riskmanagement is going to be part of everything an organization does. Lists ofimportant questions are provided to assist your journey to establishing andmaintaining an effective risk management process.


Familiarity with enterprise risk management concepts and best practices.

Designed For

Practitioners of any level who play a risk management role


*Identify the various roles and individual responsibilities in risk management

*Identify the 80/20 perspective applied to enterprise risk management

*Recognize the five levels of defense in risk management as it relates to leadership roles

*Assess action steps for the board and executive leadership team

Non-Member Price $69.00

Member Price $59.00